Party Committee of C&D Group Holds a Thematic Democratic Life Meeting


On August 28th, the party committee of C&D Group convened a thematic democratic life meeting on the theme education of studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. The meeting was guided by Chen Haitao, member of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Party Committee and Deputy Director, Zhao Kaihao, member of the Municipal Party Committee Theme Education 7th Circuit Steering Group, and other comrades. The meeting was chaired by Huang Wenzhou, the Party Secretary of the Group.

The meeting provided updates on the preparations for the upcoming thematic democratic life meeting, the review of issues addressed during the previous year's democratic life meeting, and the progress made in implementing the theme of education, rectification and remedial work. On behalf of our Group's Party Committee team, Comrade Huang Wenzhou has conducted a thorough investigation into various aspects such as theoretical learning, political quality, ability and competence, actions, work style, integrity and self-discipline. Particularly, focusing on the 12 specific requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding soul enrichment through learning, enhancing wisdom through learning, promoting Party conduct through learning, and promoting productivity through learning, he has diligently reviewed our shortcomings and deficiencies, deeply analyzed negative examples, and established clear measures for rectification and the direction of our future efforts. Afterwards, the Party Committee members of the Group delivered speeches on comparative examination and conducted criticism and self-criticism.

Chen Haitao, the Deputy Director of C&D Group, attended the meeting to provide guidance. He believed that this thematic democratic life meeting of C&D Group was well-prepared and focused on the theme. The meeting involved serious review and frank thinking, which added a dynamic element to achieve the goal of "unity-criticism-unity". Additionally, he emphasized the need for the Party Committee of the Group to deepen their theoretical knowledge, address and rectify issues diligently, enhance long-term mechanisms, and willingly accept public oversight.

Finally, on behalf of the Party Committee team of the Group, Comrade Huang Wenzhou stated that this thematic democratic life meeting would serve as an opportunity to enhance our theoretical knowledge, refine our party spirit, improve our fighting abilities, and actively strengthen our leadership in party building. We would make sustained efforts to establish a new style of righteousness and focus on promoting the high-quality development of enterprises with a vigorous and determined mindset.


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